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Oxford Student’s Dictionary 3rd Ed + CD-ROM



Many of our primary and secondary coursebooks support Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). We also publish teacher training resources and dictionaries for CLIL.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-433135-7

Oxford Student’s Dictionary è stato elaborato a partire da un corpus che offre le parole necessarie alla preparazione di studenti che studiano con il CLIL e a livello universitario.

Il CD-ROM contiene il dizionario completo, consultabile dalla A alla Z e per argomenti. Gli studenti possono crearsi i propri glossari tematici nella sezione ‘My Topics Dictionary’.

  • 52,000 parole, espressioni e significati in inglese britannico e americano
  • Le parole curricolari sono ben evidenziate
  • Riquadri dedicati alle collocation e ai sinonimi aiutano gli studenti ad ampliare il proprio lessico e a parlare in modo più disinvolto e ‘naturale’
  • 40 pagine di consultazione offrono risorse per migliorare l’abilità di writing e le abilità di studio
  • Più di 200 diagrammi e illustrazioni rendono facile comprendere e descrivere processi scientifici e tecnici
  • Oxford 3000™: i lemmi più importanti per comunicare in inglese segnalati anche nell’Academic Word List
  • Il CD-ROM contiene il dizionario dalla A alla Z, l’Oxford Wordfinder Dictionary, l’Oxford Genie, ‘Topic Dictionary’, ‘My Topic Dictionary’ e inoltre giochi didattici ed esercizi per ampliare il proprio bagaglio lessicale e prepararsi a esami.

The Oxford Student’s Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary for students using English to study other subjects. It covers over 52,000 words, phrases, and meanings in British and American English, used in general and academic English. It also incorporates curricular vocabulary, and over 30,000 example sentences to show how words are used. This new edition includes 500 new words, including e-ticket, webinar, and HDTV.

The curricular vocabulary includes subjects such as Art, Biology, Business Studies, Computing, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Sport, Travel and Tourism, and much more. The curricular vocabulary is labelled, showing students the subject that uses the word.

Academic Word List words are clearly marked, and the Reference Pages include the full list, as well as tips for students on using the Academic Word List to improve their writing.

The dictionary identifies the 3,000 most important words to know in general English (the Oxford 3000™). Each Oxford 3000™ word has a keyword entry, which often includes additional information (synonyms, opposites) to help students learn related words.

Additional information shown in blue boxes helps students build vocabulary and use words correctly. These include Collocations and Patterns boxes, Related Vocabulary boxes, and Thesaurus boxes.

Scientific and technical processes can be difficult to understand and to describe. The 200+ illustrations and diagrams make it easier, clearly showing processes such as the carbon cycle, the structure of the skin, the earth’s atmosphere, and water purification.

40 Reference Pages include information on using the dictionary for CLIL, practice for IELTS, improving writing skills with the Academic Word List, interpreting graphs, the language of literary criticism, the periodic table of contents, and much more.

Students can use the CD-ROM to search the complete A-Z dictionary and illustrations. They can hear headwords pronounced in British or American English and can record their own voice to practise pronunciation.

The CD-ROM includes the new iGuide, an interactive tutorial to help students explore dictionary entries.

The Topic Dictionary on the CD-ROM allows students to search for words by content area, and create their own word lists in the My Topics Dictionary. Students can add their own notes to entries.

The CD-ROM includes the Oxford Wordfinder Dictionary. Students look up a word they know, such as teacher, and find words they don’t know, such as lecturer and syllabus. Language games help consolidate new vocabulary.

When using the Internet or reading Word documents, the pop-up Oxford Genie means students can look up any words they don’t know, and hear them pronounced.

About Oxford 3000™

These words are the most important because they occur frequently in the language, are widely used (in Science, Arts, spoken English, etc), or because there are no alternative words to express the same meaning (for example, vegetables, hungry, aunt). Oxford 3000™ keywords are used in the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, 3rd edition, and the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 7th and 8th editions.