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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary 4th Ed + CD-ROM




Updated with the latest vocabulary and NEW Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM, the new edition of Wordpower builds vocabulary fast and develops writing skills.

  • Collana: Oxford Wordpower Dictionary
  • Livello: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (B1-B2)
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-439823-7

Updated with over 500 new words, phrases and meanings, Oxford Wordpower Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary that provides the tools intermediate learners need to build vocabulary and prepare for exams. Oxford 3000™ keyword entries show the most important words to know in English. This edition includes new Topic Notes, Exam Tips and Writing Tips, and a 16-page Oxford Writing Tutor.

Students can search the A-Z dictionary by word or topic on the CD-ROM, and use the exercises to practise for international exams.

NEW on the CD-ROM: Oxford iWriter for B1-B2 students to develop writing skills, and the iGuide, an interactive tutorial to help students explore dictionary entries.

  • 45,000+ words, phrases, and meanings, including over 500 NEW words
  • Oxford 3000™ keyword entries show students the most important words to know in English
  • Shortcuts take students quickly to the meaning they want in long entries
  • NEW Topic Notes give the language and information to help students talk confidently about topics such as podcasts, smartphones, social networking, etc.
  • NEW Exam Tips offer practical help with exam preparation
  • ‘Other Words for’ notes give synonyms to extend and bring variety to students’ language
  • 16 pages of colour illustrations show words in topic groups
  • Two NEW tools for developing writing skills at intermediate (B1-B2) level: Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM and 16-page Oxford Writing Tutor section

At intermediate level, students want to build their vocabulary quickly. The Oxford Wordpower Dictionary gives them the tools they need to succeed.

It identifies the 3,000 most important words to know in English (the Oxford 3000™). These words are used as the defining vocabulary for the 45,000 words, phrases and meanings, so that explanations are easy to understand.

Each Oxford 3000™ word has a keyword entry, which often includes additional information to enable students to use and understand this essential vocabulary.

The 250+ illustrations make it easier to understand difficult or confusing words, and build vocabulary. New Exam Tips help with exam preparation. Writing Tips and the new 16-page Oxford Writing Tutor develop writing skills. Help Notes provide information to help students avoid errors.

16 colour pages illustrate words in topic groups such as work and jobs, leisure activities, clothes, and include ‘more to explore’ boxes which direct students to related information in the dictionary.

NEW 16-page Writing Tutor shows students how to plan an essay, article, review, letter and email. There is a model for each type of task, highlighting key structures and relevant language, and giving advice on how learners can correct and improve their own writing.

48 Study Pages include a grammar guide and other reference material, as well as help with pronunciation, punctuation and vocabulary-learning. Wordpower Workout, a 14-page section of activities to help students get the most from their dictionary, is also included.

This edition includes more than 500 new words, for example, hand-held, microblogging and phone hacking. New Topic Notes provide information and related vocabulary on social networking, blogs, podcasts, etc. 30 New Exam Tips give practical help on such aspects as exam format, last-minute learning, and word limit.

Wordpower also includes tools to help students use words correctly, and to sound more natural:

  • 14,400+ collocations show words that go together
  • 3,200 grammar patterns help students avoid mistakes such as tell to me/tell me
  • 36,000 corpus-based examples show how words are used

Wordpower is available on its own, or with CD-ROM.

Students can use the CD-ROM to search the complete A-Z dictionary and illustrations, either by word or by topic. They can hear headwords pronounced in British or American English and can record their own voice to practise pronunciation. They can also hear hundreds of spoken example sentences.

The CD-ROM includes the Oxford Wordfinder Dictionary and Wordpower Trainer. With Wordfinder, students can look up a word they know, such as teacher, to find words they don’t know, such as lecturer, syllabus. Wordpower Trainer contains 32 photocopiable pages of exercises and activities to help students to get the most from their dictionary.

Language games help consolidate new vocabulary, and additional exercises and practice tests help prepare students for school and international exams.

New on the CD-ROM is Oxford iWriter, which guides and supports students at intermediate level with planning, writing, and reviewing their essays, articles, reviews, letters and emails. With Oxford iWriter, students can use models to see how to plan and structure their written work, with advice on choosing the right language in order to sound more formal or objective, or to avoid repetition.

Also new on the CD-ROM is the iGuide, an interactive tutorial to help students explore dictionary entries, and Using Wordpower for Trinity exams, a handy guide for teachers, showing how the dictionary can help students studying for Trinity GESE grades 5 – 9.

When using the Internet or reading Word documents, the pop-up Oxford Genie means students can look up any words they don’t know, and hear them pronounced.

About Oxford 3000™

These words are the most important because they occur frequently in the language, are widely used (in science, arts, spoken English, etc.), or because there are no alternative words to express the same meaning (for example, vegetables, hungry, aunt).